The Double Indemnity Brownie

The Double Indemnity Brownie

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Want more chocolate than The Goldmine Brownie can offer...we fulfil your wish with this truly naughty brownie.

This super fat brownie is made with 70% dark chocolate and is stuffed full of our thick,  indulgent, sea salted, chocolate caramel sauce.

We make everything in small batches by hand to ensure that every brownie meets our high standards. We use only the best Jersey cream, organic flour, British butter and Anglesey sea salt.

With 16 XL pieces you can feed a crowd and keep a few back for your private stash!


(sugar, salted butter, free range eggs, salted caramel sauce (sugar, jersey cream, salted butter, trimoline, 70% dark chocolate, Anglesey sea salt) cocoa, 70% dark chocolate, plain flour, Anglesey sea salt.

Contains gluten (wheat), milk, eggs